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France's plan to turn parking lots green, Pop maestro dies at age 94, and 20 Questions!

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In today's edition:

  • France's plan to turn parking lots green

  • Pop maestro dies at age 94

  • 20 Questions!

🔑 Key Stories

Green Parking Lots?

France passed a law requiring large parking lots to cover half of their parking areas with solar panels

  • France generates ~70% of its power through nuclear energy, but wants to diversity its renewable sources, in part through a tenfold increase in solar by 2050

  • On Tuesday, France passed a law requiring all parking lots larger than 16,000 square feet (big enough for 50 average US vehicles) to cover 50%+ of their parking space with elevated solar panels

  • Officials say the plan will produce 10 nuclear-power plants’ worth of energy at much less cost; critics say lot owners won’t comply given the cost of doing so

Dig Deeper

  • “There is a paradox. Though our electricity production is one of the most carbon-free in Europe, we are still behind in the development of renewable energies. This bill intends to resolve this contradiction,” said one French politician who supported the bill

Adidas Missing Yeezys?

The Kanye West (Ye) controversy may cause Adidas to not be profitable for the first time in 31 years

  • Adidas is the world’s 2nd-largest sportswear company, after Nike. In October, it dropped Yeezy — a fashion partnership with Ye that reportedly generated ~40% of its profits — over controversies surrounding Ye

  • Adidas is now struggling to sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Yeezy inventory, and on Thursday, Adidas’ CEO said the company may lose up to $751M this year due to that and other market reasons

  • This year will be a “transition to set the base to again be a growing and profitable company,” the CEO said

Dig Deeper

  • Per Forbes, Ye's deal with Adidas contributed $1.5B to his net worth. After Adidas and Ye cut ties, Ye fell off the billionaire list and is now reportedly worth ~$400M

States: Ban Chinese Land Buys?

  • Iowa already has a law preventing foreigners from purchasing “agricultural land”; 11 other states are considering similar bans, most targeted at China

  • Texas has one of the strictest proposals: It would ban land purchases by nationals or companies from China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Texas’ governor has voiced support for the bill

  • Proponents of the bills say they’re necessary to prevent foreign influence over US territory; critics say they’re racist or based on exaggerated threats

Dig Deeper

  • Last year, a bipartisan group in Congress proposed a House bill to ban some agriculture-related purchases by “foreign adversaries." Also last year, California’s legislature passed a bill banning foreign governments from buying or leasing agricultural land in the state, although the state’s governor vetoed it

Russia Invading Moldova?

President Zelensky told EU leaders that Ukraine intercepted Russian plans to “destroy” Moldova

  • Moldova is a formerly Soviet eastern European country that borders Ukraine. Russia has backed a separatist region of Moldova for decades and currently stations several thousand troops there

  • On Thursday, Zelensky said Ukraine intercepted plans showing “who, when, and how” Russia plans to “destroy” Moldova. He added that it wasn’t clear if Russia “gave the order to follow the plan”

  • This comes a week after Russia’s top diplomat threatened to make Moldova the “next Ukraine”

Dig Deeper

  • Zelensky also warned European leaders that Russia is planning a major offensive. He requested heavy artillery, sophisticated missile systems, Western jets, and "ammunition, ammunition, ammunition"

Nicaragua Sends US Political Prisoners

  • Nicaragua, a poor Central American country, is aligned with Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia. The US accuses its leader of imprisoning rivals, rigging elections, and ruling as a dictator

  • On Thursday, Nicaragua released 222 political prisoners, including politicians and journalists. A US plane brought them to the US; Nicaraguan authorities called them “traitors” and stripped their citizenship

  • US officials claim Nicaragua released them voluntarily, and that it wasn’t part of any deal

Dig Deeper

  • In the past year, a record number of Nicaraguan migrants have reached the US border. Poverty and political repression are causing many thousands to leave the country

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🍿 Popcorn


  • Sun-derella at midnight! The Phoenix Suns made a blockbuster trade to land superstar Kevin Durant. The deal came around midnight, hours before the deadline

  • RIP, Burt: Pop composer Burt Bacharach died of "natural causes" at 94. He was behind 52 top 40 hits, including "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"

  • Syria-sly touching: Thousands have offered to adopt the baby who was born under the earthquake rubble in Syria. Their story went viral on social media


  • Record rodent! A pocket mouse named after Sir Patrick Stewart is now the oldest mouse under human care in the world. The 9-year-old mouse lives in San Diego

  • Flying in style: Rolls-Royce is developing nuclear engines it hopes will power trips to the moon and Mars. The company raised $600M for its space division in 2021

  • Please brie kidding: A New York City cheese shop that some consider to be the country's oldest is closing. The Little Italy-based shop started in 1892

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