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SBF posts $250M bail, Denver's insane temp drop, and 20 Questions!

Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or another holiday, we hope you have a wonderful weekend. Next week, we'll be counting down your favorite Wraps of the year based on your feedback. As Mariah Carey once said, "All I want for Christmas is unbiased news." Thank you all for the incredible year ❤️🌊

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SBF Associates Plead Guilty

2 of Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) top associates pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges

  • SBF co-founded FTX and Alameda Research, 2 firms that dealt in cryptocurrency. Both reached valuations in the billions, making SBF one of the world’s richest men, before collapsing last month amid fraud allegations

  • Wednesday, 2 SBF associates pleaded guilty to FTX-related fraud charges. One was Alameda’s CEO and SBF’s ex-girlfriend; the other was an FTX co-founder

  • Their charges are similar to those faced by SBF, whom Bahama's police arrested and extradited to the US. On Thursday, SBF was released on $250M bail

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  • The bail deal requires SBF to surrender his passport and submit to monitoring at his parent's house in California. His parents — both Stanford professors — co-signed the bail agreement. SBF has not entered a formal plea yet

Bird Flu Driving Record Egg Prices

A bird flu outbreak has killed 40M hens in the US, driving the price of eggs to record highs

  • Bird flu is a strain of influenza that can quickly kill chickens and turkeys. Bird-to-human transfer is rare but can cause illness or death

  • Poultry companies have been killing entire flocks once cases are detected to prevent the virus’ spread. The outbreak — the deadliest in US history — has caused the US hen population to fall ~5% this year

  • That has driven egg prices to record highs: On average, a dozen eggs now costs ~$4.70, the most ever, per research firm Urner Barry and government data

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Senate Passes Spending Bill

The Senate passed a $1.7T funding bill on Thursday

  • The bill funds government operations until next September. If not signed by Friday, the government would enter a partial shutdown. The House must now vote on it

  • The bill allocates $858B to defense spending, $772B to domestic programs, and $45B for Ukraine. The Senate passed it with a 68-29 vote

  • Among many things, the bill bans TikTok on government devices and updates the election result certification process. It excludes immigration reform, pandemic aid, and larger child tax credits (tax cuts for parents)

  • If the House passes it, President Biden will finalize it

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  • The bill modifies the 1887 Electoral Count Act by specifying that the vice president has a purely ceremonial role in certifying the result of the presidential election. This attempts to close a loophole that may have enabled the January 6 chaos

Japan Reviving Nuclear Energy

  • In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami caused the partial meltdown of several reactors at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP). After, Japan announced it would phase out nuclear power

  • Before 2011, 54 NPPs generated ⅓ of Japan’s energy; after, officials idled or shut down all but 9 NPPs. Japan now heavily relies on coal, oil, and gas

  • This year, fluctuating oil and gas prices have caused Japan’s energy bills to soar. On Thursday, Japan approved a plan to revive existing NPPs, extend the life of aging ones, and invest in new high-tech ones

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Russia Considers ISS Rescue

  • Russia, the US, and other countries jointly own and operate the ISS. It is the largest man-made satellite and has been continuously occupied for 22+ years

  • On December 14, 2 Russian astronauts were preparing for a spacewalk when ground controllers noticed a large leak from the spacecraft that is supposed to bring 3 astronauts back from the ISS this March

  • Russia & the US are now working to determine if a new spacecraft must be sent up to rescue them. It would be the first time that has ever been done

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  • The head of Russia's space agency praised the US for its help in resolving the issue. "You set an example for the whole world on how to work together in the most challenging and difficult situation. Let many politicians learn from you," he said to the US team

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  • Nice work, Schrader: The DEA says it seized enough fentanyl in 2022 to kill every person in the country. Agents seized 10,000 pounds of the dangerous drug

  • Where's wall-do? Arizona has agreed to dismantle its wall of shipping containers on the Mexico border. Administration officials claimed its construction was illegal

  • Netflix and Snookie? Netflix has announced it will build a $900M production facility in Jersey Shore, NJ. The move is expected to bring thousands of jobs


  • Kiss my glass: Glass barriers protect St. Mark's Basilica in Venice from flooding. It used to sit on one of Venice's highest points but now it's on one of the lowest

  • Polar plunge: Denver saw a 75-degree temperature drop from Wednesday's high to Thursday's low. Temps plummeted to minus 24 degrees on Thursday

  • Way of Aging: James Cameron said he wants to avoid the "Stranger Things effect" – where characters that are supposed to be in high school "look 27" – in his Avatar movies

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