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🌊 One Joe, Two Joe, Red Joe, Blue Joe?

Joe Manchin angling for 2024? Adidas selling its Yeezy’s, and 20 Questions

It’s been a doozy of a news week, so let’s end with some fun (and utterly useless) information. Did you know that there are only 2 individuals in the US who have their own personal zip code? One, as you might guess, is the President (20500), and the other is…. drum roll… Smokey Bear (20252).

In today's edition:

  • Joe Manchin angling for 2024?

  • Adidas selling its Yeezy’s

  • 20 Questions

 🔑 Key Stories

Manchin 2024?

Senator Joe Manchin (D., WV) gave a speech on Wednesday that fueled speculation he may run as a 3rd-party presidential candidate in 2024

  • Manchin is a centrist Democratic in a heavily Republican state. He has drawn criticism from Dems – for obstructing Biden – and Republicans – for working with Biden. He faces a tough re-election in 2024

  • On Wednesday, he gave a speech to a group of Iowa leaders in which he called himself “fiscally responsible and socially compassionate”

  • Later that day, he released a statement that called Biden’s climate policy “radical”

Dig Deeper

  • Earlier this year, Manchin refused to tell a Fox News host if he was still a Democrat; in several other recent interviews, he has said nothing is “off the table” for 2024

New Chief Twit

Elon Musk tweeted that he has hired a new CEO for Twitter and that “she will be starting in ~6 weeks”

  • Musk purchased Twitter in October and became its CEO. He has since fired ~80% of its staff, including most executives, and overhauled the platform’s content moderation and verification systems

  • Last December, Musk tweeted a poll asking if he should resign as CEO; 58% voted “Yes.” He has since said he would do so but never gave a firm timeline

  • He tweeted on Thursday that a new CEO “will be starting in ~6 weeks!” but didn’t say who. Musk will be the executive chairman & chief technology officer

Dig Deeper

  • On Friday morning, the Wall Street Journal wrote that Musk’s pick is reportedly NBCUniversal’s head of advertising, Linda Yaccarino

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill

An advisory panel to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) voted 17-0 to recommend making a birth control pill over-the-counter (OTC)

  • All birth control pills are currently prescription drugs. In 2022, HRA Pharma filed with the FDA to have its pill, Opill, changed to become an OTC drug

  • A panel of 17 healthcare professionals met with the FDA, HRA Pharma, and select members of the public to determine if users of an OTC pill would be able to self-administer safely and effectively. The panel voted 17-0 that they would be

  • The FDA doesn’t have to follow the panel’s advice but often does

Dig Deeper

  • HRA Pharma presented data that showed 92.5% of users took Opill on the days they should have without consulting a healthcare provider

  • Some FDA officials expressed concerns that some women may not take the pill properly, citing data that suggest some women may exaggerate how frequently they take the pill

  • The panel concluded that the benefits outweighed any potential costs

Title 42 Ends

The US public health emergency and Title 42 immigration policy expired at 11:59 PM ET Thursday

  • Title 42 was a policy that let the US deport migrants in minutes. The national public health emergency ended Thursday, though, and with it, Title 42

  • The new policy – which says asylum seekers can’t enter the US if they haven’t applied online or sought asylum in a country they passed through – requires hours of processing rather than instant deportation

  • US Border Patrol has been arresting 11k migrants daily, and hundreds of thousands are estimated to be waiting in Mexico to cross in the coming weeks

Dig Deeper

  • People who don’t use available lawful pathways to enter the U.S. now face tougher consequences,” the US homeland security secretary said on Thursday

  • Migrants appear to be betting against that, though, and many migrant centers along the border are already overflowing

🍿 Popcorn


  • Wind in Britain’s sails: For the first time in UK history, wind overtook gas to become the country’s main source of electricity in the first quarter of 2023

  • Tour de Fiasco: Peloton is recalling 2.2M bikes over safety concerns. Peloton said it has received reports of 35 seats breaking, resulting in 13 injuries

  • Yeezy come, Yeezy go: Adidas, facing its first loss in over 3 decades, announced it will sell its $1.3B stockpile of Yeezy products. They've been sitting in the warehouse since Adidas cut ties with Kanye last fall


  • Oh, no… not beer guy: A Kansas man wearing a beer can costume was arrested for alleged drunk driving. The police posted the picture of him in his Bud Light outfit on Facebook

  • The immortal pooch? World’s oldest dog Bobi turned 31 on Thursday. The Portugal-based pup holds the Guinness World Record for oldest dog in history 

  • “Your honor, it was great content”: A YouTuber has pleaded guilty to obstructing a federal investigation into an incident where he intentionally crashed his plane to get YouTube views

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