🌊 A Note on our Mission

We wanted to introduce ourselves before you start reading Roca.


You’re reading this because you entered a Perks Adventure Gear giveaway that we, RocaNews, co-sponsored. Rather than just sign you up for our mailing list, we wanted to tell you about who we are.

Roca's three foundrs

From L to R: Max F, Max T, Billy C

In 2020, the three of us – Max, Max, and Billy – were talking about how hard it was to get unbiased information. It seemed like everything the news was saying had a spin. Outlets appeared more focused on pushing agendas than reporting the news.

We were a few years out of college and rather than just complaining about it, we decided to start our own news outlet.

For six months, we had no traction. But then we started to post daily bullet-point news summaries on Instagram. People liked them and started to share them. Soon we were getting hundreds, then thousands, of followers a day.

As that grew, we started our newsletter: The Current. It’s a weekday morning newsletter that shares important and interesting news. It’s light and meant to make you the most interesting person at happy hour.

We now reach millions of readers and our team is bigger than the three of us. We do deep-dive investigative reports and interviews with prominent people. We also do regular reporting trips to places like Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Ukraine.

We summarize our values like this: 

  • The news shouldn’t stress you out

  • Journalists shouldn’t pick a side

  • The world is an interesting place

  • Free speech should be protected

If you agree with those values, you’re in the right place. If not, no problem! You can unsubscribe below. 

Thanks for checking out Roca. If you have thoughts, please reply with them. 


Max, Max, and Billy