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Do not come... to Canada, emergency landing on Route 66, and 20 Questions!

Happy Friday. Let's kick it off with 2 mind-boggling coincidences from the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, the son of Abraham Lincoln.1) Robert was present at, or nearby, the assassinations of 3 different presidents, including his father's. He was an eyewitness to President Garfield's. 2) John Wilkes Booth's brother Edwin saved Robert's life a year or two before President Lincoln's assassination. Edwin pulled Robert from the tracks as a train was rolling through.

Wow. Guess I know who I won't be inviting to my birthday party this year...

In today's edition:

  • Do not come... to Canada

  • Emergency landing on Route 66

  • 20 Questions

 🔑 Key Stories

Canada Bans Foreign Home Buyers

As of January 1, most foreigners can’t buy homes in Canada

  • The new law, which bans most non-Canadians from buying homes as investments for 2 years, intends to make housing more affordable for Canadians after housing prices spiked during the pandemic

  • Many politicians blamed foreigners for the spike, claiming they perceived the Canadian housing market as a place to make money, not build a home

  • Critics say the ban will have little impact because foreign buyers account for <5% of Canada's home ownership. They want Canada to invest in more housing options, instead

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  • In 2021, the national average cost of buying a home in Canada reached a record $524k — a 31.6% increase from 2020. Home prices have since been falling, but Canada's government wants to bring them down more. The law includes exceptions for permanent residents, international students, refugees and some others

Russia Calls for 36-Hour Ceasefire

On Thursday, Russia called for a 36-hr ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine war to mark Orthodox Christmas

  • ~70% of Russians and ~80% of Ukrainians identify as Orthodox Christians, whose Christmas is celebrated on January 7

  • Russian President Putin ordered a ceasefire between noon on January 6 and midnight on January 7 following an appeal by the head of Russia’s Orthodox Church, who supports Russia’s actions in Ukraine

  • Russia asked Ukraine’s forces to declare a ceasefire in return. Ukraine rejected the request, calling it propaganda and "cover" to regroup troops. They said they won’t observe a truce until Russia withdraws forces from Ukraine territory

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  • The head of Russia's Orthodox Church was the spiritual leader of both countries' Orthodox churches, but in May, Ukraine's church declared independence from Russia's over its support for Russia's actions in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials called Russia's church leadership hypocritical since they did not support a proposed truce over Orthodox Easter last April

World's First Honeybee Vaccine

The US Department of Agriculture approved the world’s first vaccine for honeybees 

  • Developed by biotech firm Dalan, the vaccine protects honeybees from foulbrood, a bacterial disease that can weaken or kill hives. Foulbrood is a leading cause of honeybee fatalities and has no cure

  • The vaccine is dispensed by adding some bacteria in jelly that’s eaten by worker bees, who feed the queen bee, who then passes immunity to offspring

  • Honeybees are vital to agriculture, but populations are declining. Dalan hopes the vaccine, exclusive to commercial beekeepers at first, will offset the trends

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  • It's unclear how long the vaccinated honeybees will maintain immunity, but the initial studies are promising. Dalan says they want to develop more vaccines to prevent additional honeybee diseases or diseases that affect other invertebrates, such as shrimp or mealworms

Hamlin Appears Neurologically Intact

On Thursday the Buffalo Bills said that Damar Hamlin appears neurologically intact

  • Hamlin is a Buffalo Bills player who collapsed and suffered cardiac arrest during a Monday Night Football game. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he’s remained in critical conditio

  • Doctors say Hamlin woke up for the first time on Wednesday night and wrote on a piece of paper: “Did we win?”

  • He’s able to communicate by writing or small head movements, and doctors say they are hopeful for his recovery after fears of serious brain damage. He remains critically ill, however, and on a ventilator

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  • Last night the NFL announced they will not resume the Bills-Bengals game that was postponed on Monday night. The decision will not impact which teams make the playoffs, but it may impact seedings, and officials are meeting today to discuss next steps. This morning, the Buffalo Bills tweeted that Damar Hamlin's breathing tube was removed overnight and he's been able to talk

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🍿 Popcorn


  • Groundhog Day in DC: Kevin McCarthy lost the 11th vote to become Speaker of the House, shattering a 100-year record of Speaker voting gridlock in Congress

  • El C̶h̶a̶p̶o̶ Chico arrested: Mexican authorities arrested Ovidio Guzman, the son of drug kingpin El Chapo, setting off gunfights and roadblocks in the country

  • Buckle up, Hasbulla: YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul signed a multi-fight deal with the PFL. "I already disrupted boxing; now it is time to disrupt MMA," Paul declared


  • Top ̶G̶u̶n̶ Grandma: An 18-year-old pilot made an emergency landing on Route 66 in California after the plane's engine died. His grandma and 2 cousins were onboard

  • I can't believe it's not fireproof! A fire broke out at a Wisconsin dairy plant on Monday night, causing a river of melted butter to flow into nearby storm drains

  • "Where is my supersuit?" Texas A&M's men's basketball team forgot their jerseys at their hotel for Wednesday's game at the University of Florida, delaying the tipoff

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🧠 Final Thoughts

We learned this morning that 2012 Madden cover athlete Peyton Hillis is in the ICU after saving his kids from drowning. His uncle, addressing "Razorbacks nation" on Facebook since Peyton is an Arkansas alum, said that Peyton is "doing better."It's been a rough week for injured NFL players, but heartwarming to enter the weekend knowing that both Hamlin and Hillis are on the mend. Have a great weekend!Max and Max