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Plus: Two more major Supreme Court decisions

Greetings from Easton, Pennsylvania.

Is Pennsylvania the most slept-on state in terms of natural beauty? Our first election roadtrip of 2024 is underway, and it turns out there’s more to Southeastern PA than Wawas and Ben Franklin. Our first stop was Bucks County, which political analysts have dubbed the key county of the 2024 election. It has a population of 650,000, yet the gap between Republican and Democratic voters is roughly ~500. Not only is it solid purple, but it’s located in the state that may decide the election. The Buck really does stop here.

We met up with multiple Roca readers yesterday and talked to dozens of locals. It’s been fascinating so far. And if you all don’t hear from Max T again it’s cause he’s wearing a Steelers shirt today.

👨🏻‍⚖️ SCOTUs makes two more major rulings

🇺🇸 Biden meets with family at Camp David

🤧 Florida man sneezes out intestines

–Max and Max


SCOTUS Strikes Down Chevron

SCOTUS struck down the Chevron doctrine

  • In 1984, SCOTUS ruled that if a law is ambiguous on a certain matter, federal agencies can interpret it without a judge interfering. That – the “Chevron Doctrine” – expanded regulators’ authority, enabling presidents to pursue policies outside of Congress

  • Conservatives often alleged that it gave bureaucrats too much power

  • On Friday, SCOTUS overturned it in a 6-3 vote along ideological lines, ruling that courts, not agencies, should interpret ambiguous laws. Agencies will now have less freedom to enact rules and policies

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  • “Chevron…triggered a marked departure from the traditional judicial approach of independently examining each statute to determine its meaning,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the majority. He added, “Agencies have no special competence in resolving statutory ambiguities. Courts do”

  • Justice Elena Kagan – writing the dissent on behalf of the three liberal justices – claimed that the ruling “will cause a massive shock to the legal system”


NCAA Allows Pot

The NCAA’s Division I will no longer prohibit cannabis use ahead of championships

  • During the NCAA regular seasons, universities set their own drug testing policies, while the NCAA only tests for performance-enhancing drugs

  • The NCAA oversees drug testing for championships, though, and as part of that, randomly drug tests athletes ahead of post-season events

  • Last week, though, the NCAA’s Division I – which represents the top US sports universities – voted to drop the ban on cannabis for NCAA championships and postseason football

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  • In 2014, a Michigan basketball star was suspended for an entire season after testing positive for marijuana during the NCAA tournament

  • In 2019, three Oklahoma football players were suspended for six games because of positive marijuana tests ahead of the College Football Playoff semifinal

  • “The NCAA drug testing program is intended to focus on integrity of competition, and cannabis products do not provide a competitive advantage,” the D1 council chair said of dropping the ban


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SCOTUS Jan 6 Ruling

SCOTUS ruled that prosecutors overreached in their handling of January 6 cases

  • Prosecutors have charged hundreds of January 6 rioters under a law that punishes anyone who interferes with documents needed for official processings or “otherwise obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding.” The law was passed because of the Enron scandal, when auditors destroyed trucks full of documents

  • Prosecutors claimed it applied to the rioters, who tried to interrupt the certification of the election

  • In a 6-3 decision – that wasn’t on ideological lines – SCOTUS ruled Friday that when the law was written it was not intended to apply to all types of obstruction

  • The decision will prompt many January 6 rioters – including the 27 in jail on charges related to only this law – to seek resentencing or attempt to have their cases thrown out

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  • “Consider a straightforward example,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the majority. “A zoo might post a sign that reads, ‘do not pet, feed, yell or throw objects at the animals, or otherwise disturb them.’ If a visitor eats lunch in front of a hungry gorilla, or talks to a friend near its enclosure, has he obeyed the regulation? Surely yes”

  • “Although the smell of human food or the sound of voices might well disturb gorillas, the specific examples of impermissible conduct all involve direct interaction with and harassment of the zoo animals. Merely eating or talking is so unlike the examples that the zoo provided that it would be implausible to assume those activities were prohibited, even if literally covered by the language”


Biden Situation

President Biden convened with his family amid questions about his future as the Democratic candidate

  • On Saturday, NBC News reported that President Biden, his wife, and his kids were discussing Biden’s future at Camp David, the presidential retreat

  • A source close to Biden said the situation is “a mess.” They added, “The only person who has ultimate influence with him is the first lady… If she decides there should be a change of course, there will be a change of course”

  • High-profile Democrats – including potential replacements Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris – have continued to defend Biden, with former President Obama saying Friday, “Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I know”

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  • Because Biden controls most of the party’s delegates, he would have to step aside himself to be replaced

  • If he were to do so before the Democratic Convention in August, those delegates could back a new nominee. If he did so after, the party’s ruling committee would have to decide the ticket

Some Quick Stories for the Office

📈 US stocks rose 14% in the first half of 2024, marking one of the best first halves in recent years. Five stocks – Nvidia, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon – drove nearly 60% of the gain, though, raising skepticism about the surge’s depth

🚨 The former Uvalde, Texas, school district police chief was arrested over his role in the 2022 elementary school shooting. A jury found that the chief failed to follow active shooter training and delayed law enforcement’s response, thereby placing students in “imminent danger”

🔒️ A victim took ownership of the Parkland shooter’s name in an unusual settlement. The shooter – who killed 17 people in February 2018 – can no longer give an interview or speak publicly without the victim’s permission

🛫 The Justice Department plans to charge Boeing with criminal fraud over the two 737 Max-8 crashes that killed 346 people in 2018 and 2019 while also offering the company a plea deal. Boeing will reportedly have until the week’s end to accept the deal, which includes a $243.6M fine and a three-year corporate monitor

🇫🇷 France’s right-wing National Rally (RN) party performed best in Sunday’s first round of French elections. The party and its allies won 33% of first-round votes, versus 29% for a coalition of left-wing parties and 22% for Macron’s centrist pro-business party

Question of the Day

🧠 When were you least proud of your country?

Reply to this email to let us know what you think!

Some Quick Stories for Happy Hour

🤧 He sneezed what?! A Florida man sneezed so forcefully at a restaurant that parts of his intestines exited his body through a surgical wound, according to a new medical report

🏈 Once a Raider, always a Raider: A lawsuit accuses JaMarcus Russell, the 2007 No. 1 overall NFL draft pick and former Oakland Raiders QB, of stealing $74k intended for an Alabama high school

😢 Michael J. Rox: Actor Michael J. Fox — whom Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin calls the band’s “hero” — joined Coldplay onstage at the UK’s Glastonbury Festival on Saturday. Fox uses a wheelchair due to Parkinson’s disease 

What a touching moment. Brb, sobbing real quick

🚆 Trainy McTrainface: The Greater Boston transport authority added googly eyes to some trains as part of their “ongoing efforts to bring moments of joy to our riders’ daily commutes”

🇮🇳 And worst costume design goes to…: Officials arrested a 24-year-old man at New Delhi’s airport as he attempted to board a flight to Canada disguised as a 67-year-old man


When were you proudest?

This weekend, we asked users of our app when they were most and least proud of their country. Here are some of the times they were least proud; tomorrow, we’ll run when they were most proud. And both days, we’ll pose the question to you!

“Pablo and Cocaine”

[Username] cep wrote: I am Colombian, and it’s interesting because I have found that the things that make me proud are known only by Colombians while those that make me sad are known throughout the world. Pablo and cocaine, Guerrilla and paramilitary war-crimes are in everyone’s minds, but literature, democracy, environment and music are usually not. It’s a shame to have to overcome feeling shameful.


DavidP0427 wrote: I think the least proud would either be when the BLM protests turned to riots or the capitol riots

“Hard to express”

HBK wrote: It’s hard to express any kind of proudness to my country Lebanon. Im mostly proud of the people there, no matter what kind of hardship they face they always get through it. I’d say im least proud of our government, it doesn’t exist. The country has been run by corruption ever since i remember. We protested a lot but that never helped and when we were finally doing a change the nasty corrupt politicians send their gunman to scare the protestors away. We need more eyes on Lebanon.

“Pride is not up for discussion”

Schwabilon wrote: Being from Germany a question of pride is not up for discussion.. We fucked it all up in the 20th century.. Germany should be a role model for anti-fascist, social democratic and economic politics, instead fascism is on the rise again, so obviously we haven’t learned a thing.. Nothing to be proud of here..

Differing Takes

LollyLouDawg wrote: Least proud moment - January 6, 2021 storming the Capital.

saffak wrote: Least proud: when we elected Biden for President this last go ‘round

“Afghanistan Withdrawal” 

Iamdarron009 wrote: Least proudest moment for me is how the US handled the Afghanistan withdrawal. The lack of planning and ownership of what happened at Abby gate was disappointing.

Carw wrote: Least proud when we pulled out of Afghanistan & the death of our soldiers.  Also leaving behind people who had helped us & were probably killed or imprisoned afterwards.

pinks3537 wrote: Least proud for me was the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Trump administration mandated it, the Biden administration fumbled it, and each side blames the other. No senior military officers or government officials were ever held accountable. No one in the US even seems to care which makes it worse.


dcsmusicman wrote: Least proud: Thursday night’s debate. How did we wind up with these two as our viable candidates for leadership??? Are there really not two more qualified individuals in this entire country???

dpc146 wrote: The Presidential Debate on Thursday 6/27/24

BowserBulldog: Thursday night when I had to watch a senile old man and a pathological liar and convicted felon argue about who is better at golf, knowing that in a few months I would have to pick one of them to lead the country for the next 4 years.

“Not very proud”

cwaddington wrote: Like many, I’m not very proud of the US right now. I feel our representatives aren’t representing us at all. Even though I was little, I look back at the US post 9/11 and see a very strong unity when facing such a tragedy. But overall, I’m proud to be an American even if (and when) my government is a failure. I’m proud of our ideals and our founding as a nation.


When were you least proud of your country? Let us know, and we’ll feature your answers tomorrow!

Final Thoughts

The first TV commercial aired 83 years ago today. It was for Bulova Watches and lasted just 10 seconds, airing right before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. Needless to say, the idea caught on. Now you can’t watch 10 seconds of TV without

Also, Happy Canada Day to our readers up North!

–Max and Max