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FDA approves first poop pill, Spain bans dwarf bullfighting, and 20 Questions!

RIP to Jerry Springer, the king of daytime TV. Not many could go from being mayor of Cincinnati to host of a show that is equal parts Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, and WWE Monday Night Raw. So RIP to Jerry, and all we can hope is that he isn’t surprised by the results of the eternity test.

In today's edition:

  • FDA approves first poop pill

  • Spain bans dwarf bullfighting

  • 20 Questions!

 🔑 Key Stories

Oldest Newspaper Ending?

Austria’s government passed a law ending daily circulation of the world’s oldest active newspaper

  • The newspaper, Wiener Zeitung, was founded in 1703 under a different name. It became Austria’s official government newspaper in 1857

  • It covered topics including Mozart’s rise, the collapse of the Hapsburg Dynasty, and both World Wars

  • The paper still prints 20,000 daily copies. It receives most of its funding from the government, though, and on Thursday, Austria’s government said it will no longer fund daily printing, pushing the paper online. The government said it’s not its job to “finance a daily newspaper”

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  • It will still release at least 10 print editions annually, but most of its content will be only online. A union representing the outlet said half of its 200 workers could be laid off

Trump Rape Trial Underway

A woman who accused former president Donald Trump of raping her testified in court

  • In 2019, E. Jean Carroll, a writer, accused Trump of raping her at a department store in 1995 or 1996. Last year she sued Trump in civil court, which could fine him but couldn’t send him to jail

  • Trump says he never met Carroll and that she isn’t “my type in any way, shape, or form”

  • On Wednesday, Carroll testified that she met Trump at the store and that he raped her in a changing room. Trump’s lawyers said, “She became a celebrity and loved every minute of it”

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  • Carroll says she initially told 2 people about the assault, one of whom convinced her not to tell police: “He has 200 lawyers, he will bury you,” she claims to have been told. Both are expected to testify at the trial

  • “This is a fraudulent & false story–Witch Hunt!,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. It is unclear if Trump will testify

Poop Pill?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first oral pill derived from human feces

  • Clostridium difficile (C. diff) is a bacteria that causes diarrhea and inflammation of the colon. Antibiotics can treat C. diff, but those also kill healthy bacteria, which can lead to reinfection

  • For years, doctors have experimented with transplanting healthy bacteria from people’s feces into patients with C. diff to try to restore balance to their guts and prevent reinfections

  • On Thursday, the FDA approved a pill that does so. It is the first approved oral pill derived from human feces

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  • The FDA approved the pill after 88% of patients who took it as part of a 180-patient study did not experience reinfection after 8 weeks, versus 60% for those who took a placebo

  • The CEO of the company behind the pill says it “could be a tipping point” for treating C. diff

Disney Sues Desantis

Disney sued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for allegedly waging a “targeted campaign” against it

  • Last year, Disney criticized a Florida law that bans discussion of gender identity and sexuality until the 4th grade. After, Florida passed a law giving it more authority over a tax district that Disney World is in

  • Just before that law took effect, though, Disney stripped the board that oversees that district of most of its powers, leaving Disney with control

  • On Wednesday, the board overturned that change; in response, Disney sued DeSantis, arguing that his crackdown violates Disney’s free speech rights

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  • “There is no room for disagreement about what happened here: Disney expressed its opinion on state legislation and was then punished by the State for doing so,” the lawsuit read

  • “We are unaware of any legal right that a company has to operate its own government or maintain special privileges not held by other businesses in the state,” a state official said

🍿 Popcorn


  • The few, the Stroud: QBs Bryce Young and CJ Stroud went first and second in last night’s NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers and Houston Texans, respectively

  • Lamar the merrier: Lamar Jackson signed a 5-year, $260M deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The $52M/yr. makes him the highest-paid QB ever

  • Meta been betta: Meta’s stock jumped 15% on Thursday after ending a streak of 3 quarters of declining revenue. Its stock is up 170% since November


  • RIP, dwarf bullfighting: Spain’s parliament voted to bandwarf bullfighting.” Disability groups praised the move, while some dwarf bullfighters protested it

  • Spielberg, the extra-regretful: Steven Spielberg regrets editing out guns from the 20th-anniversary release of E.T., the Extraterrestrial, saying “no film should be revised”

  • Cornhusker crazies: The Nebraska Cornhuskers’ women’s volleyball team sold 85,000 tickets for its season opener, which will take place in Nebraska’s football stadium

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