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Shopping patters detect cancer?, First AI speech on House floor, and 20 Questions!

Another week, another classified doc haul at an ex-VP's home. If you feel guilty about the clutter at your place, just be glad that it's t-shirts and not nuclear codes that cover your floor. National security concerns aside, we cannot wait for the next season of Hoarders. Hope you all have a great weekend, and let's kick it off with today's 20 Questions!

In today's edition:

  • Shopping patters detect cancer?

  • First AI speech on House floor

  • 20 Questions!

 🔑 Key Stories

Classified Documents Found at Pence’s Home

Mike Pence’s lawyer found classified documents at the former vice president’s Indiana home 

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Shopping Patterns Detect Cancer?

A study found that shopping data may help spot ovarian cancer early

  • Ovarian cancer affects ~20k Americans annually. If caught early, it has a high survival rate; if not, it gets progressively deadlier. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, stomach pain, and bloating

  • The study looked at 273 women’s shopping data. 153 of the women developed ovarian cancer; for them, purchases of certain over-the-counter drugs spiked ~1 month earlier than when they visited a doctor

  • The researchers say this was the first study of its kind for cancer and it may help predict diagnoses

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  • “As we know early diagnosis of ovarian cancer is key to improving chances of survival, we hope this research can lead to ovarian cancer symptoms being picked up earlier and improve patients’ options for treatment,” the lead researcher said

Melting Robot Dropped

Scientists created a robot that can shift between a solid and liquid state

  • The robot, called MPTM, is made of gallium, an element that melts at ~86ºF (~30ºC) — basically, in your hand. It can be controlled with magnetic fields

  • Researchers released a video of a lego-like MPTM melting itself down to escape a metal cage, then solidifying and moving away. They also showed it melting in a fake stomach to extract a foreign body

  • Researchers say it could be used to remove objects from a body; deliver targeted drugs; fit into small cracks to fix items; weld small objects; and more

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  • The robot can jump 20 times its height, rotate 1,500 times per minute, and move at a rate of 1 meter/ second. It is also an excellent conductor of electricity, and researchers say it could one day be used to repair electronics or cords in hard-to-reach places

Generational Gender Shift

The UK government released 2021 census data that show shifting gender norms among young Britons

FBI Disrupts Hive Network

The FBI announced it infiltrated and disrupted an infamous hacking group known as Hive

  • Hive is a criminal organization that has used ransomware — computer viruses that seize and lock victims’ files — to extort ~$100M from thousands of victims, including hospitals and schools

  • The FBI said it “hacked the hackers” by breaching their servers and stealing the “keys” that lock and unlock victims’ data. The government returned the keys to the victims, claiming to have saved them ~$130M

  • Most ransomware hackers are believed to operate out of Russian-speaking countries in Eastern Europe

You Can't Print More Van Gogh's

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  • CongressGPT: A congressman read a speech that was written by ChatGPT on the House floor, making it the first AI-generated speech in the chamber's history

  • The future is fighting: In an effort to expand its armed forces to meet NATO rules, Denmark plans to require military service for women

  • Oh, f*** off, kids: Hit HBO show Succession released a teaser trailer for Season 4, which will premiere on March 26. The Roy kids' battle vs. dad is underway


  • Livin' the high(lander) life: The Scottish winner of the EuroMillions jackpot burned $50M in 8 years, spending the money on a soccer team, luxury cars, and more

  • Aloha, freedom: A Hawaiian man who was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of a tourist in 1991 has been freed. He served more than 20 years in prison

  • Brock & roll all night: The San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was the last pick in this year's draft. On Sunday, he will have a chance to take his team to the Super Bowl

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Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

Mary Catherine from South Carolina: “When my Grandma passed away my TV volume went from normal volume to its highest level - could not get it to turn down and it even kept doing it after it was unplugged.  It stopped when I got the call she had died.”

Will from Washington: “My supernatural experience was essentially this: My great grandma died a few years back and at the time I was in Hawaii. When she had passed I had bolted awake with a cold shiver and goosebumps at the exact same time (accounting for time difference) she had passed. It also woke up my sister and cousins back home at the exact same time.” 

GiGi from Virginia: “I lived in a 130 year old house on the Eastern Shore of MD…Every time we began renovations, we would see a tall, thin man in a gray long overcoat appear in our home. One night my husband and I were looking out our sliding glass doors as we took a break from replacing our living room flooring, and we saw the man's reflection in the glass as he stood in our kitchen…We never sensed danger when we saw our friend.”

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  5. Paper towels 58.4%, Reusable towel 41.6%

  6. Clorox wipes 44.4%, Cleaning spray 55.6%

  7. Hand soap 92.4%, Hand sanitizer 7.6%

  8. Fridge 88.6%, Freezer 11.4%

  9. Bath towel 82.3%, Bathrobe 17.7%

  10. Blender 35.4%, Tupperware 64.6%

  11. Doorbell 59.7%, Ring 40.3%

  12. Ice mold 19.5%, Ice maker 80.5%

  13. Grill 65.5%, Skillet 45.5%

  14. Fork 66.4%, Spoon 33.6%

  15. Dish soap 71.3%, Dish detergent 28.7%

  16. Rug 66.8%, Doormat 33.2%

  17. Curtains 48.9%, Blinds 51.1%

  18. Loveseat 32.2%, Sectional 67.8%

  19. Oven mit 56%, Pot holders 44%

  20. Mop 36.4%, Swiffer 63.3%

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