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Weight loss drug boom, pig named Kevin Bacon returns home, and 20 Questions!

"Alright, Hollywood, here's the pitch: A socially awkward, curly-haired MIT brainiac perpetrates a multi-billion-dollar crypto fraud out of a polyamorous penthouse in the Bahamas with his fellow lovers/coworkers who share his passion for video games, veganism, and amphetamines. Politicians, journalists, and celebrities absolutely love them. Oh, and they all turn on each other in the end..." Hollywood probably would've turned down that script to make Sharknado 5, but that's the story of Sam Bankman-Fried. The ex-crypto king now faces 100+ years in prison. What a saga. More below...

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  • Weight loss drug boom

  • Pig named Kevin Bacon returns home

  • 20 Questions!

 🔑 Key Stories

Seattle: Police Cannot Lie

Seattle passed a first-of-its-kind law prohibiting police officers from lying in many circumstances

  • For years, Seattle police have been criticized for making what critics called unacceptable lies

  • In 2018, a suspect committed suicide after a police officer lied that a person was severely injured in a hit-and-run fender-bender; in 2020, police lied on the radio about Proud Boys approaching a BLM protest

  • On Wednesday, after years of lobbying, Seattle passed a law banning police from lying over mass media or in ways that “shock the conscience.” Police will also have to report all lies to proper authorities

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  • Police will still be allowed to lie to de-escalate situations; calm somebody; promote safety; and investigate a potential crime

  • According to Seattle’s police chief, the law is the first of its kind and will promote “public confidence” in the police. Seattle’s mayor said that the new law “will lead to better police work”

  • It is unclear if the Seattle Police Officers Guild, which represents police officers, supported it

Russia Revokes Nuclear Treaty

President Putin revoked Russia’s ratification of a treaty banning nuclear tests

  • The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) prohibits “any nuclear weapon test explosion.” Russia and 177 other countries ratified it; the US and five other nuclear-armed countries did not, and the treaty never entered into force. North Korea is the only country to have tested a nuclear weapon this century, although it hasn’t done so since 2017

  • For months, several hawkish Russian politicians have urged Putin to revoke the CTBT and resume nuclear testing to deter further US involvement in Ukraine. Putin expressed support for that, arguing that Russia should “mirror” the US’ stance on the treaty

  • On Thursday, Putin signed a law revoking Russia’s ratification of it

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  • Last month, after Russia’s legislature unanimously approved a bill revoking the treaty, Russia’s foreign minister said Russia does not plan to resume nuclear tests for now. “As our president said, we must be on alert, and if the United States moves towards the start of nuclear tests, we will have to respond here in the same way,” he said

Weight Loss Drug Boom

Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk announced a 38% increase in revenue last quarter amid soaring weight loss drug sales

  • Novo Nordisk produces Wegovy, a weight loss drug, and Ozempic, a diabetes drug. Sales of both drugs have exploded in the US, propelling Novo Nordisk to become Europe’s most valuable company

  • On Thursday, Novo Nordisk released third-quarter (Q3) earnings showing a 38% increase in revenue from Q2 and a 47% increase in operating profits. Wegovy sales grew 734%; Ozempic sales grew 46%

  • Novo Nordisk’s CEO said that demand for its drugs is outpacing supply, meaning it will restrict lower-dose strengths in the US for now

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  • The company said it expects “continued periodic supply constraints” as it gears up to compete with Eli Lilly, a major US pharmaceutical company that is currently seeking FDA approval for its weight-loss drug

Wagner Arming Hezbollah

Russia’s Wagner Group plans to provide Hezbollah with an air-defense system, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported

  • Russia has cultivated closer ties with Iran since it invaded Ukraine. Iran funds and arms groups that oppose Israel, including Hamas and Hezbollah. Russia did not condemn Hamas’ invasion of Israel

  • Lebanon-based Hezbollah – which Israel and the US consider a terrorist group – has traded fire with Israel since Hamas’ invasion but has refrained from waging full-scale war

  • On Thursday, the WSJ reported that Russian military group Wagner is in late talks to supply Hezbollah with an advanced air defense system

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  • Russia did not officially comment on the development and has denied direct ties to Wagner in the past

  • In related news, on Friday, Hezbollah’s leader gave his first speech since Hamas’ invasion. During it, he praised Hamas’ invasion as a “great, large-scale operation” that was “purely the result of Palestinian planning.” He also called Israel “weaker than a spider’s web” but did not specifically indicate whether Hezbollah would get involved or not

Jury: SBF Guilty on All Counts

A jury found Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) guilty of seven counts of fraud and conspiracy

  • For the past four weeks, SBF has been on trial for seven charges related to his alleged attempts to defraud FTX and Alameda investors and customers

  • During that trial, prosecutors presented internal company documents and called on former FTX executives to testify that SBF committed fraud. SBF claimed that he made mistakes, but did not commit fraud

  • On Thursday, a jury found SBF guilty on all charges. He faces a maximum sentence of 115 years in prison

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  • The verdict coincidentally came on the one-year anniversary of a CoinDesk exposé that first revealed that FTX and Alameda were more intertwined than publicly revealed

  • Following the reading of the verdict, SBF’s defense attorney said SBF will continue to “vigorously fight the charges,” implying that he will appeal

  • SBF faces a second trial early next year on five charges of allegedly bribing Chinese officials, violating campaign finance laws, and more

Two Words. Martha Stewart

Snoop Dogg Birthday GIF by VH1

“If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day”

  • So said Martha Stewart, the first self-made female billionaire in the United States. So she knows a thing or two about learning new things, and making money from them

  • That’s why she is keynoting the GURU Conference — the world’s largest email marketing conference designed to share the very latest in digital trends, email best practices and emerging tools to be the best in the game

  • The virtual event is designed to shed nuggets of wisdom for those who want to level up their email marketing skills, and in just two days. The conference takes place November 8-9, and registration is 100% free

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  • If you have doubts about Stewart’s business advice, we have another quote for you. "I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it's not a waste of time." Our takeaway? Power naps are turbocharged with entrepreneurial wisdom. For more iconic advice, be sure to check out the GURU conference

🍿 Popcorn


  • Where streams come true: The Walt Disney Company announced it will pay Comcast ~$8.6B to acquire its remaining 33% stake in Hulu, giving Disney full control of the streaming service

  • Defund the Booty Patrol: Police cited a Florida man for driving a “Booty Patrol” truck resembling a Border Patrol vehicle. The white truck had “Booty Patrol” written on the back

  • RIP, styrofoam cup: Nissin will introduce microwave-safe paper cups for its Cup Noodles next year. The company has used a non-microwave-safe styrofoam cup since 1973

  • Heeling better: Eliminate foot, knee, and back pain: Discover all day comfort and alignment with Fulton insoles! This week only, Roca readers get 15% off; discount automatically applied!*


  • Headwindception: Organizers canceled the Dutch National Headwind Championships due to high winds from Storm Ciaràn. The race challenges riders to battle at least 32 MPH winds

  • A footloose pig: A Pennsylvania pig named Kevin Bacon returned home after an 18-day escape. Actor Kevin Bacon brought attention to the search, posting on Threads to “bring Kevin Bacon home!”

  • Tourists v. Tarantula: Two Swiss tourists in a campervan slammed the brakes in California’s Death Valley National Park when the driver spotted a tarantula, causing a motorcyclist to crash into them

  • Bone-a-fide health: Studies show 20 grams of collagen a day can support stronger skin, hair, and nails within weeks and build better bones and joints for life. Take 45% off NativePath’s collagen today*

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