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Another day, another Euro election shocker, a rivalry weekend for the ages, and the French upset, again

What is up with 2023 and sketchy-sounding oceanic voyages? A Life at Sea cruise promised to take its passengers around the world over the course of three years. The "trip of a lifetime" was set to take off from Istanbul, Turkey on November 1. After postponing the trip to November 11 and later November 30, Life at Sea has now canceled it. The reason for the cancellation is simple: There’s no ship. The cruise around the world doesn’t have a ship.

Many passengers who signed up for the trip, anticipating a three-year journey, either sold or rented their homes and are now left with nowhere to return. This Life at Sea cruise now joins the Titanic submersible in the “ Trips you should never have bought tickets for” Hall of Fame. Happy Monday.

In today's edition:

  • Another day, another Euro election shocker

  • A rivalry weekend for the ages

  • French upset, again

 🔑 Key Stories

ADHD Drugs: Bad for Heart

A group of Swedish researchers found that ADHD drugs lead to a higher risk of heart disease

  • In a study in JAMA Psychiatry, a prominent scientific journal, the researchers compared rates of heart problems among those who take ADHD drugs – such as Ritalin or Adderall – and those who don’t

  • They found that regardless of age or health, the longer people take the drugs, the greater their likelihood of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and other conditions

  • While the researchers said the drugs’ benefits often outweigh the costs, they said it merits investigation

Dublin Attack

A knife attack sparked Dublin’s worst riots in years

  • On Thursday, a man stabbed four people, including three kids, near a school in Dublin, Ireland. The attack seriously wounded a school staff member and a five-year-old girl before a nearby Brazilian delivery driver attacked the assailant with his helmet, enabling his arrest 

  • The police haven’t confirmed the stabber’s identity, but it spread that he was an Algerian immigrant, sparking riots where 34 people were arrested

  • While it comes in the wake of anti-immigration protests, Ireland’s government said the rioters had no love for Ireland and were motivated by “hate”

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  • The riots come amid a wave of protests challenging Ireland’s immigration policies. The country received a 16-year-high 140,000 of them in the year to April, and protesters say the government is spending too much on them

Right Wing Wins Dutch Elections

The Netherlands’ main anti-immigration party won 37 of 150 seats in elections – the most of any party

  • The party’s leader, Geert Wilders, is a fixture of European far-right politics. He’s proposed banning the Quran and mosque construction, although he moderated his rhetoric ahead of the vote. After winning, he said he will end the “asylum tsunami”

  • Wilders will now try to work with other parties to form an alliance that controls a majority of seats. He may not succeed in doing so, as some parties have rejected working with his party outright and others say the will not let him become prime minister

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  • The victory comes amid a backlash to environmental policies and as Europe faces its largest immigration surge since 2015-16. Polls show anti-immigration parties are doing well in many EU countries

Hostages Released

Hamas and Israel have released dozens of hostages and prisoners since a ceasefire began Friday

  • The released hostages are mainly Israeli women and children, but also include a number from Thailand and a four-year-old American girl who saw her parents murdered on October 7

  • Israel has been releasing Palestinian prisoners charged or convicted of crimes targeting Israelis, including stabbings of soldiers and attempted murders. All releasees are women or boys between 14 and 18

  • The ceasefire will be extended one day for every 10 hostages Hamas releases. Hamas has indicated that it intends to continue releasing hostages to maintain the truce, although it needs to locate the hostages, many of whom are held by other Gaza groups

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Roca Community Charity Update

Each year, we highlight a charity for Thanksgiving that someone in the Roca community is involved with. Thank you to Roca Reader Ben Bird, a student at Ole Miss and treasurer for Kesem, for his recommendation this year. Kesem is a nonprofit that puts on summer camps and different activities for children who have had their lives affected by a parent getting/passing from cancer. They do our best to take their minds off of and support them through this adult stressor that has been put on them.

Together the Roca community donated over $1500 to support Kessem — and skyrocketed Ben’s team from 95th to 30th place in a nation-wide competition against other universities. We’re blown away by this community!

Ryleigh Johnson, the student-director of Kesem at The University of Mississippi, sent this note for Roca’s community: “We cannot thank you enough for spreading the word about Kesem. These donations will help support our families so much!”

And from Ben: “I truly cannot express my gratitude enough, there is an amazing group of people that has been compiled together on the Roca News subscriber list:)”

You can still support Kesem here if you would like! Thank you Roca!

🍿 Popcorn


  • Holy college football: College football rivalry weekend was one for the ages: Michigan beat Ohio State 30-24, culminating in an epic field storm. Later in the day, Alabama stunned Auburn with a game-winning 31-yard TD pass on 4th down with :32 left

  • Hollywood goes hungry: North American theaters grossed ~$172M over Thanksgiving weekend, still below pre-Covid levels. The new “Hunger Games” and “Napoleon” led the pack

  • “Where were you when CM Punk returned to WWE?” CM Punk shocked the pro wrestling world by appearing at a WWE event in Chicago. He left WWE in 2014 due to health issues


  • Can you take me higher? NYC police arrested a 20-year-old for climbing an 80-story crane in lower Manhattan, charging him with reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing

  • Never let go, A23a: Glaciologists said that the world’s largest iceberg, A23a, has broken free after 37 years and started moving. The berg is three times the size of NYC

  • One pricey sandwich: Australian authorities fined a 77-year-old woman $3,300 for failing to declare a chicken sandwich in her bag at Brisbane Airport

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Ahead of hosting the Olympics, this city is in an unexpected match with itself.

Hundreds of bouquinistes – or booksellers – operate book, art, and souvenir stalls along the banks of Paris’ Seine River. They’re a city staple, not only a major tourist attraction but a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The tradition of bouquinistes dates back centuries.

Initially nomadic peddlers who set up temporary stalls, by the 17th century, they had gained permanent spots along the Seine selling books and art to the city’s growing literary and artistic scene. In 1859, the city gifted them assigned spots and the distinctive green boxes still in use today.

However, as Paris prepares to host the Olympics next summer, authorities want them gone. Earlier this month, Parisien authorities temporarily dismantled several stalls as part of a test to assess the feasibility of removing them throughout the Olympics.

The authorities say the stalls could obstruct views for the hundreds of thousands expected to gather along the Seine’s banks to watch the games and will complicate daily safety and bomb checks.

But the move has sparked backlash from the bouquinistes, who argue that their presence has never posed such issues before, even during major events like the Tour de France.

Many bouquinistes are refusing to compromise. “I’ll chain myself to my boxes,” one said; “Don’t give them the keys!” said another.

Before Parisien authorities can focus on hosting competing countries, they need to win the battle of the bouquinistes.

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Danielle “usually from” Michigan: "We’re in Iceland, so we had hot dogs on Thanksgiving"

Michael: “my sister presented us with a turkey for dessert - an ice cream turkey! We are all unsure but it turned out being delicious. ”

A from Pakistan: “Pakistani catering for thanksgiving, including potato wedges, samosas and orange chutney, desi-style turkey over veg, and white biryani.”

Anonymous: “My “pardon-the-turkey” Thanksgiving Plate. The whole load sits on a bed of Kale & spinach. I didn’t miss out on anything, though: The turkey was dry & dusty according to my hubby. We went to his daughter’s house. I ate brie & a 3-bean salad for protein as an appetizer. And more cheese on this plate. So no vegan,just no meat and no processed food other than real cheese – definitely not Velveeta. That ain’t cheese. My hubby made the cranberry sauce and the sourdough rolls from scratch. I had rotator cuff surgery and am still in the sling. Timed that totally right!”

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We hope you were all able to relax over the past few days and that you’re able to smoothly get back in the swing of things. Below, we finish our deep-dive into Ingo, the man on Germany’s terror watchlist with whom we spent two days.

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