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RIP to "The Greatest", Wait, that's not the toy Tasmanian devil..., and 20 Questions!

From Wordle to "goblin mode," Queen Elizabeth's death to Johnny Depp's mega-pints of wine, 2022 was quite a year for the news. We made it to the finish line... no cap.When we started the year, we sent this email to 40,000 readers each day; now it goes out to over 5 times as many. You are the best news community in the world, and we thank you for trusting us to be your daily news brief. Happy New Year 🌊🌊

In today's edition:

  • RIP to "The Greatest"

  • Wait, that's not the toy Tasmanian devil...

  • 20 Questions!

 🔑 Key Stories

Pelé Dies at 82

Pelé, widely considered one of the greatest-ever soccer players, died at 82

  • Real name Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pelé grew up in Brazil in poverty. Unable to afford a football as a kid, he practiced with a newspaper-stuffed sock

  • Pelé made his professional debut in 1956 for Brazilian club Santos, where he went on to win 10 league titles. He won Brazil 3 World Cups, becoming a national hero and the sport’s most famous player. He also briefly played for the New York Cosmos

  • Pelé died of multiple organ failure due to complications from colon cancer

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  • Pelé was so famous that in 1967, factions of Nigeria's civil war agreed to a cease-fire so that he could play in the country. When he met US President Ronald Reagan, the president said, "My name is Ronald Reagan, I'm the president of the United States of America. But you don't need to introduce yourself because everyone knows who Pelé is"

  • Pelé's play popularized the term "the beautiful game" for soccer/football

Russia: We’ll Freeze Soldiers’ Sperm

Russian soldiers in Ukraine will be able to freeze and store their sperm for free, Russian state media said

  • Freezing sperm enables men to produce a biological offspring even if they are injured or die

  • In September, Russia called up 300k reservists to fight in Ukraine. Since then, Russian sperm banks have reportedly experienced a surge in usage

  • On Wednesday, Russia’s health ministry said it “determined the possibility of financial support… for free conservation and storage of [sperm]… for citizens” called up to fight in Ukraine

  • The US claims 100k+ Russians have died in the war

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Taiwan Mandates More Military Service

Taiwan’s president mandated 1 year of mandatory military service for men

  • Taiwan is a self-governed democratic island near China. China claims ownership of it and says it will use force if necessary to seize it; Taiwan says it’ll defend itself, and the US hints it will defend Taiwan

  • Prior to this, Taiwanese men were required to serve for 4 months after turning 18. But the likelihood of a China-Taiwan war appears to have been growing

  • Taiwan’s president said, “Only when we are prepared can we avoid a war, and only when we are capable of fighting a war can we stop a war”

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  • China frequently flies planes into Taiwan's airspace. On Monday, China flew 71 warplanes and drones towards Taiwan, its largest such incursion yet

Cosby Plans to Tour in 2023

Bill Cosby said he plans to tour again in 2023

  • Cosby, 85, is a comedian and actor who starred in The Cosby Show, a highly acclaimed sitcom that aired on NBC from 1984 to 1992, and other shows. He was formerly known as “America's Dad”

  • In recent years, 60+ women have accused Cosby of drugging, coercing, or raping them, dating back to the 1960s. In 2018, a Pennsylvania court sentenced him to 3-10 yrs in jail for assaulting a woman in 2004, but he was released in 2021 on a technicality

  • He still faces a lawsuit from 5 women who accuse him of rape and assault, but says he will tour again

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  • “When I come out of this, I feel that I will be able to perform and be the Bill Cosby that my audience knows me to be,” Cosby said. One of Cosby's representatives said the comedian is “looking at spring/summer to start touring"

Andrew Tate Arrested

  • Tate is a British-American social media personality and former professional kickboxer who rose to online prominence in early 2022

  • The major social media platforms collectively banned Tate in August for statements that violated their content policies

  • On Thursday, Romanian outlet Libertatea reported that Tate and his brother Tristan had been arrested on accusations of detaining 2 girls, forcing them to have sex, and recording the footage

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  • Earlier this week, Tate got in a Twitter fight with 19-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Tate mocked Thunberg's concerns about carbon emissions, and in response, Thunberg tweeted, "yes, please do enlighten me. email me at [email protected]". Tate was arrested days later

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  • The way of moolah: Avatar: The Way of Water has raked in over $1B at the global box office in just 14 days. It needs $2B to break even

  • Desperate housewives of Chicago: Michelle Obama said that she "couldn't stand" Barack in their first 10 years of marriage due to their "uneven" parenting loads

  • Bats to life: Houston wildlife workers nursed 1,600 bats back to health after the cold sent the winged creatures into hypothermic shock


  • Calling all Karens: Thai police are offering cash prizes for videos of traffic violations. Thailand is trying new approaches to curb traffic deaths

  • Crikey, it's moving! An Australian woman grabbed a Tasmanian devil in her home thinking that it was her golden retriever's Tasmanian devil toy

  • Restoration high school: A group of friends bought an abandoned high school in Pennsylvania for $100,000 and converted it into a 31-unit apartment complex

  • Best-z: Sleep better and stress less with Apollo. *Sponsored Content

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